International Spelling Bee is an online linguist competition for enterprising kids where they are asked to spell a broad selection of words that comes with a wavering range of difficulty. Contestants who compete would have to memorize the spelling of these words as found in the dictionaries and recite them properly. The international spelling bee is conducted on a global online platform which provides limitless opportunities to those seeking to become the emperor of orthographic kingdom.

The International Spelling Bee is a global outreach program which provides extensive skills to students who wishes to learn the language seriously. It prepares your mind and helps you to concentrate thoroughly. Learning the spelling of vast number of words and spelling it out is not a tiresome practice anymore with International Spelling Bee, rather it is designed to be an adventurous ride which gives you the thrills and kicks of going on a fascinating journey filled with words and the wonders which comes with it.

The sudden outbreak of technological innovation like the ‘text-to-speech’ feature has all made us think on the many ways technology has made our lives easier but has affected the very foundation of learning. In a world where there is a natural tendency to avert one’s thoughts from the importance of spelling, Edu Mithra International Spelling Bee has taken up the challenge to restore its prominence by calling in young minds on an expedition to conquer the same.

International Spelling Bee conducted by Edu Mithra Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. takes a revolutionary step providing countless opportunities to students from all financial standards to express their talent and skills and exhibit them on a global platform.



International Spelling bee vastly benefits those who chase opportunities and grab them without letting them slip. International Spelling bee is designed in such a manner that it exploits the talents of the contestants and tests them in endless number of ways. The International Spelling bee is structured cleverly as a test comprising of multiple levels for different category of contestants who takes up the challenge. It can be taken up by students pursuing education from Grade 5, all the way up to Grade 10. This ensemble structure of varied levels will be carried throughout the exam including the Preliminary, Intermediate and Final Level competitions.

The competition will be conducted through an online platform which ensures easy and maximum participation from students. All you need is a computer and a fast access to the internet. As you proceed, the degree of difficulty will gradually increase after each level. The students who qualify for the online preliminary round will be allowed go on to the next level. Don’t waste any more time, register below and we will take you on a journey which will help you to ace your linguistic skills.