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International Spelling Bee competition is an outreach program extended to students who are linguaphiles. It is an online quiz competition for enthusiastic kids where they have to spell a number of words of varying degrees of difficulty. Attending the International Spelling Bee will discipline minds and help improve focus. The outbreak of technology with its ‘text -speak’, on the one hand made life convenient but on the other posed a serious threat in the area of learning. In a scenario where there is a tendency of natural weaning away from the importance of spelling, Edu Mithra International Spelling Bee calls for action packed with adventure to restore the same. The winners of the International Spelling Bee will also be awarded cash prizes for their accomplishment.



Spelling Bee will be conducted through an online mode which will ensure easy and maximum participation. All you need is a computer, an easy and fast access to the internet.

The International Spelling Bee exam is conducted as a three- level examination: The preliminary level, the intermediate level and the final level. Each level consists of three rounds. The exam has a 15-minute time restriction, with five minutes allotted for each round. The objective of each round is to respond correctly to as many questions as possible in the allotted five minutes. Each round will END once the student gives an answer INCORRECTLY or if the timer expires.

After registration, exam dates and time will be shared. On the day of the exam the examiner will call the participant and connect him/her to the exam portal. This will be a one-to-one exam and therefore the examiner and participant will stay connected throughout the exam. Students who qualify the preliminary round will be allowed to go on for the next round. The same structure will be followed throughout for the Preliminary, Intermediate and Final level competitions.


The International Spelling Bee competition will be conducted in three levels. To maintain transparency all transactions will be done through online payment options and the procedure is also made very easy and minimal.

To enroll for the preliminary level of International Spelling Bee competition participants can visit the official  website and complete registration just by clicking on REGISTER NOW button. 

After clicking on Register now button, fill up the form visible on screen and make payment. Once the transaction is successful, it will be confirmed through automated email. Later the participant will be contacted from the International Spelling Bee office.

The winners of the International Spelling Bee will receive an certificate, medal and cash prize.

1st Prize – INR 1,00,000

2nd Prize – INR 50,000

3rd Prize – INR 25,000


The International Spelling Bee competition will be conducted in three levels namely Preliminary, Intermediate and Finals.

Preliminary Level Exam Date- JULY 2023

Intermediate Level Exam Date- SEPTEMBER 2023

Final Level Exam Date-  NOVEMBER 2023

All above given dates are tentative and may vary. Exact date and other details will be shared before the exam.

Students who are ready to participate for the examination can opt for our E-book customised according to grades and difficulty levels. There will be three E books made for each of the three levels. This can be of great guidance to walk you through and make you understand how the exam works and also to get a strong grasp of words and usages. In addition, we provide online training classes to help the candidates score better marks in the exams. 

Reference e-books will be provided by the International Spelling Bee, which will be available on the website