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Who we are

About Edu Mithra Intellectual Services

Edu Mithra Intellectual Services opens a world of limitless knowledge and fun; anything and everything that a child needs to make his/her learning a fun-filled journey with which they will transform themselves into good students, better personalities and best human beings. Through our advanced training programs that span across Academics to out of the box training programs, we thrive to bring out the best in every knowledge aspirant. With a wide range of courses including school tuitions to advanced skill development, we provide students with an unmatched learning experience that would change the way they look into learning.

Learning is not just about schools and textbooks and that’s why we have a wide range of talent exhibition platforms. With the competition ranging from Spelling Bee to Space Olympiad, we provide young aspirants opportunities to rise and shine and realize one great thought: Learning is not a Spectator Sport! Edu Mithra Intellectual Services delivers all its services through online platforms thus making it more convenient and flexible for learners across the globe. Edu Mithra utilizes the best tools such as online interactive sessions, webinars, etc to reach the learners and provide them with a great experience of learning to help them achieve heights in career and life.

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About International Spelling Bee Competition

International Spelling Bee competition is an outreach program extended to students who are linguaphiles. It is an online quiz competition for enthusiast kids where they have to spell a number of words of varying degrees of difficulty. Attending the International Spelling Bee will discipline minds and help improve focus. The outbreak of technology with its ‘text -speak’, on the one hand made life convenient but on the other posed a serious threat in the area of learning. In a scenario where there is a tendency of natural weaning away from the importance of spelling, Edu Mithra International Spelling Bee calls for action packed with adventure to restore the same. The International Spelling Bee conducted by Edu Mithra is of great relevance as it takes a revolutionary step providing students from all financial standards to showcase their talent at the cost of their interest.

Benefits: The beneficiary in this whole competition is undoubtedly the students for whom moving into different dimensions of language will become a cake walk. They will develop their confidence and be at par with the global audience. It will also cater to enhancing Brain Activity. Participating in this competition will be a comprehensive learning process that allows children to understand the definition, pronunciation and etymology of the word. Students also develop self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills, and the ability to thrive under pressure. 

International Spelling Bee aims in recognizing and helping spellers for a better and deeper understanding of spelling bee competition and also to provide a unique competitive platform to sharpen their skills.
Our mission is to reach out to each and every kid worldwide and provide them online training focusing specifically on English language, good words, vocabulary, diction and literature.