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The competition will be conducted through an online mode which will ensure easy and maximum participation. Candidates can use a computer with a webcam, a laptop, or a mobile with a working internet connection and reasonable speed to take the online test. A minimum level of computer knowledge is required. MICROPHONE IS MANDATORY. 

Three days before the examination, a time slot will be published on the website. Students are expected to check their exam time from the list. According to the pre-published examination schedule on the specified day and time of exam, the assigned examiner will call the participant and connect him/her to the exam portal. This will be a one-to-one exam and therefore the examiner and participant will stay connected throughout the exam. 

How is the exam conducted?

The International Spelling Bee will be conducted as a three level examination viz. the preliminary level, the intermediate level and the final level. In total, there are three rounds for each level. The exam has a 15-minute time restriction, with five minutes allotted for each round. The objective of each round is to respond correctly to as many questions as possible in the allotted five minutes. Each round will END once the student gives an answer INCORRECTLY or if the timer expires. 

Students who qualify the preliminary level will be allowed to go on to the next.  As the participants proceed after each level, the degree of difficulty will gradually increase. The same structure will be followed throughout for the Preliminary, Intermediate and Final level competitions. A separate registration will be required for each and every level. 


The winners of the International Spelling Bee will receive an achievement certificate, medal and cash prize.

1st Prize – INR 1,00,000

2nd Prize – INR 50,000

3rd Prize – INR 25,000